Welcome to ConnectFree(2022)

New Email addresses are available with Professional Spam Filtering - just £24 per year!
If you want to keep your @connectfree.co.uk email account then you need to
renew it for £24 a year using PayPal
NOTE: When your payment has been "Accepted" your email account will be renewed
Email us from a different email address if you can't get connected yet!
Payment link: Send your PayPal payment to 'steve @ congrave.com' and note your email address in the Message to Recipient.
Remember to include the email address in the notes of your PayPal payment

Access WebMail Here

Contact Support - steve @ connectfree.co.uk

To access your new email address use SSL
Username: Your FULL email address @connectfree.co.uk
Password: Your password
Pop3 Server: mail.connectfree.co.uk
SMTP Server: mail.connectfree.co.uk or your own ISP

If you are having problems accessing the new Connectfree servers then reboot your router to update the DNS
and then make sure you have the NEW password that was emailed to you.
If you still have problems, email steve@ connectfree.co.uk from another email address so we can help you

All Email accounts now benefit from SpamExpert spam filtering

It is always best to use the SMTP server of your own ISP to avoid bounces and being treated as a spammer.
In fact many ISPs now block access to 3rd party SMTP servers.

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